Four Things To Keep in Mind When Preparing To Ship Your Car

Vehicle shipping company

Sifting through tons of car shipping companies can be a stressful process, and knowing that you’ve chosen the best vehicle transport service can be difficult too. But when you’ve finally picked the best car shipping service for you, your work isn’t quite over yet. Specifically, there are a few things you need to remember when getting your car ready to be shipped:

  • Make sure it’s clean — inside and out! Removing valuable items is important, because your car could be changing hands a couple times during shipment and/or valuable items could shift around during the move. Additionally, cleaning the outside of your car is important because it will help the shipping company perform a thorough inspection before shipping it.

  • If you’re shipping your car over a long distance, you might have to prepare it for a completely different climate. Although car transport services won’t really care if your AC isn’t working or if your wipers are seeing their last, sad days, you’ll definitely be struggling if your car is delivered to a region with different weather that you haven’t prepared for.

  • Because your car is probably going to be around a bunch of other cars, and the car transport service you’re using is responsible for the safety of those cars as well as yours, emptying your gas tank to about one-quarter full will ensure that the weight of the carrier truck isn’t heavier than expected (which might put those other cars in danger).

  • Also, make sure that any alarm systems in your car are turned off, and remove any weird, hazardous items that you might be storing in your car, as well as protruding objects like bike racks, spoilers, and super-long antennas. Not only do you want to ensure that your items will be kept safe, but you want to make sure that other cars aren’t damaged by yours.

Now it’s your turn to share — what tips would you give other people shipping their car for the first time? Be sure to leave your advice in the comments section!

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