The Top 5 Chevy SUVs and Trucks of 2015

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There are local Chevy car dealerships in almost every town in America, and this auto giant has been around for years. Since 1912, Chevy car dealerships have sold more than 200 million cars and trucks. It’s hard to leave the house and not see a Chevy cruising down the road. With so many options available at local Chevy car dealerships, it can be difficult to choose which vehicle to buy. For anyone who is thinking of taking a trip to their local new Chevy dealers during 2015, here are some of the top trucks and SUVs produced by Chevy for the upcoming year.

    1. Chevy Colorado
    The 2015 Colorado goes for around $20,000 and offers a lot of features that reflect recent advancements in automotive technology. The EPA estimates it gets 27 MPG, which is an improvement upon trucks in the past. There is 4G wi-fi connectivity as an available option, and it includes a color touch radio that gives the interior a modern feel. The buyer can choose from a double cab (which seats 5 people) or a crew cab (which seats 3). There are options for an extended pickup for buyers who need the truck to transport things. This truck has been a consumer favorite for years and that is sure to continue in 2014.

    2. Chevy Silverado
    The Silverado 1500 was the 2014 North American truck of the year, and the 2015 model is even better. This truck retails for about $25,000, and offers all the features of the Chevy Colorado and more. It can tow up to 12,000 pounds and packs a lot of power, with maximum horsepower at 355. This truck is built so well it comes with a powertrain warranty for five years or up to 100,000 miles. Another feature in the 2015 model is a quiet cabin, which blocks out annoying sounds when towing heavy things.

    3. Chevy Traverse
    The Traverse sells for $30,000 and it has a long list of features to back up this price. Kelley Blue Book rated the 2014 model of this car 8.5 out of 10 for its large capacity for passengers (it seats 8), its ample room for cargo (cargo volume of 116 cubic feet), and its commendable safety features (6 standard airbags). The Traverse is a great family car that offers modern amenities that make long trips a breeze.

    4. Chevy Tahoe
    The 2015 Tahoe retails for $45,000, which is on the upper end of SUVs Chevy sells. Local Chevy car dealerships proudly display this vehicle in their lots, because it’s been an American classic for decades. This SUV offers numerous amenities to make the driving experience comfortable, but its best feature is performance and functionality. There’s 95 cubic feet of cargo room, a color touch radio with an eight inch screen, and 355 maximum horsepower. All of these features add up to a versatile car that’s perfect for all weather driving.

    5. Chevy Suburban
    The Suburban is Chevy’s highest quality SUV, and it also has a high price tag at $48,000. There’s 121 cubic feet of cargo room, which beats out any other SUV in 2015. There are 13 charging locations, which is a must in today’s battery powered world. This vehicle is a top choice for families with various needs, like taking the kids to practice with all their equipment and heading to the mountains for a weekend vacation.

What is your favorite Chevy car for 2015? Please let us know and leave a comment below. More on this.

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