3 Completely Legitimate Reasons to Buy a New Car Instead of a Used Car

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An average person’s thought process when buying a car:

1. Buy new, buy used, or lease? I’m really glad that there are multiple options so I can pick whichever I like best.
2. Well, I Googled what to look for when buying a car, and I think I’m pretty prepared.
3. I think I’ll go look at some cars now.

It’s completely okay if you don’t know what to look for when buying a car; we’re just going to throw out some facts about new car sales that may or may not have you running out to your local car dealers because you suddenly know what you want to look at. No promises, though.

  • Lower Interest Rates Financing a new car in the US typically involves a lower interest rate than financing a used car. Which is pretty important since you probably don’t have trees growing money in your backyard. Buying a new car can be more expensive than leasing a new car, but the benefit of buying a car is that it is yours and it is a tangible investment that you can keep or eventually resell. The financial benefit of buying a new car instead of a used car is that the interest rates are lower.

  • Create Your Own Car Buying a brand new car allows you to customize it with special features to fit your needs. Maybe you’re a rockin’ Soccer Mom and you want the flexibility of movable seating in your mini van. Maybe you have a bit of a green thumb and you’re interested in sustainable travel. Regardless of whoever you are and whatever you need, customizing a car has never been easier.

  • Safety and Comfort If you’re still struggling with what to look for when buying a car, consider this: used car dealer ships generally provide you with a lot of information about the car to ensure you that it is in good condition, but those sketchier second hand car dealers might not be so thorough. Buying a used car is always a bit risky because it might have a secret history that the dealer conveniently forgot to mention.

    Maybe this post didn’t answer all of your questions about what to look for when buying a car, but hopefully it provided some food for thought. Buying a car is a big investment, and if you aren’t sure what to look for when buying a car, it can seem even more intimidating. Just make sure to do some research on your own and then find a good car dealership and you’ll be all set. Get more here.

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