Can Hail Damage on a Car Be Repaired?

Following a significant storm with hail, you may find your vehicle damaged. It’s often easy to see. The dents and dings are evident. It may make you wonder if it is worth repairing. In some cases, it is but significant damage such as to the windshield and body panels, there may still be a question. First, there will need to be an auto body inspection to determine the seriousness of the damage. Your insurance agent will be able to help you through the process. But really can hail damage on a car be repaired?

The first thing to do following a hailstorm is to inspect your car if it has been left outside. If you notice dents or problems with the windshield or windows, you may wonder if can hail damage on a car be repaired. In many cases, it can but there are several things to look for. First, how severe the damage is. Do you need automotive glass repair companies? Or find someone who can help with the dents? It depends on the amount of damage that you have experienced. It truly depends on the amount of damage that your vehicle has experienced. While you may be able to see some damage, sometimes, it’s important to have an expert inspect the vehicle to know the depth of the damage.

The Impact of Hail Damage

Hail damage occurs when hail stones hit your car. Sometimes it can be minor but other times it can be severe based on the size of the storm. Every storm is different so make sure that your vehicle is safe if it is left outside. You may see the damage that makes you ask if can hail damage on a car be repaired. In most cases, the answer is yes but it sometimes takes a professional to let you know.

Hail damage can total a car so understanding the severity is important. If you happen to be driving when a storm starts and there is hail, the best advice is to pull over and get to a safe place. This is not only important for your car but more importantly your personal safety. Direct hits from hail can break your windshield and hurt you and anyone that is with you.

If you are unable to get out of the car, unbuckle and lie down on the floor. If you have a blanket, it is helpful to stay covered while the storm is going on. After a violent storm, you need to see an auto body service shop to check the condition of the vehicle. They will be able to let you know if you have questions like, can hail damage on a car be repaired?

Several Types of Hail Damage that Your Vehicle May Experience

Due to the severity of the storm, there may be several types of damage that can affect your car. Some can be repaired while others may not. It really comes down to how badly the vehicle is affected. These are some of the types of hail damage that you may experience. When looking at the vehicle after a storm, your first thought may be can hail damage on a car be repaired? In some cases, the answer is yes. In others, the damage may be so significant that it totals the vehicle. You may only need a windshield replacement service.

Cosmetic Damage

Superficial damage to your vehicle may only need the services of an auto shop. This type of damage doesn’t affect the ability of the car to function. It just affects its appearance. Ironically, sometimes when this type of damage happens during the summer, the sun’s heat may cause the dents to pop out. While this is not usual, it can occur. Talking to a professional can give you the best guidance on the repair of your vehicle.

Extensive Storm Damage

Some storms cause more extensive hail damage to vehicles. Then you need to contact your insurance agent to see what the best process will be. You may need to see someone for auto dent repair. Dents and windshield cracks can be sometimes repaired by professionals.

A Totaled Vehicle

This is not an enjoyable experience but sometimes hail damage can be so bad that the vehicle is considered totaled. This means that the cost of repairing the vehicle is more than the vehicle’s value. The insurance adjuster will make this determination. While you ask yourself can hail damage on a car be repaired, realize that sometimes it is best not to. It’s unfortunate but it does happen. It sometimes is better to let a damaged vehicle go before investing money where it won’t really help.

Getting Hail Damage Repaired

In many cases, hail damage can be repaired. You may need to use used auto parts to replace panels on the vehicle. Most insurance policies will cover repairs for hail damage. This helps with the vehicle’s appearance and can affect the ability to resell it later on for a better value. There are several types of repairs that may be needed.

Conventional or Paintless Repairs

While asking yourself, can hail damage on a car be repaired, it is best to have a professional make an assessment. This will let you know the true extent of the damage. The two primary types of repairs that are needed after hail damage include conventional or paintless repairs.

Basics of Conventional Repairs

There are several steps that an auto shop will take to repair your vehicle after hail damage. This may include removing and replacing damaged parts. These new parts will then be repainted so that they will look like the rest of the car. So, if you ask yourself, can hail damage on a car be repaired? In most cases, the answer is yes.

Convention Repairs for Minor Damage

The question can hail damage on a car be repaired continues with finish glazing. This is for minor damage. Basically, this includes sanding down the car’s paint and repairing the dents. This may be a time when you consider car color changes. For more significant damages, the body shop may use body filler. While like finish glazing, it requires that all the car’s paint be removed so that dents can be filled. After this process, the area will be sanded down and repainted. This is often recommended for medium-sized dents.

Traditional Heat Repair for Older Vehicles

If you have an older vehicle, this treatment may be recommended because the car will have thicker metal. For classic cars, your insurance agent will be able to give you a classic car insurance quote. The process requires that heat be applied with a torch in a circular motion. This restores the metal and allows for it to be repaired.

Paintless Repairs to a Vehicle

During this process, the vehicle will be bonded, sanded, and then repainted. The metal will be reshaped from the inside to restore the damaged areas. Sometimes this can be used for both minor and more significant damage. This process is also cheaper in the long run. It also uses fewer fillers and chemicals.

Hail Insurance Claims

This is one of the most common insurance claims due to the nature of storms. With the right insurance coverage, you should have the guidance you need on the steps that need to be taken to get your vehicle repaired. So, can hail damage on a car be repaired? Usually, the answer is yes. Then you need to decide if it is worth getting it repaired.

While the damage may seem minimal, there can be problems created by the storm that may not be visible to the eye. If the vehicle has a high resale value, it’s worth checking out to ensure that everything is ok. Your insurance company can help with determining the car’s value. They will start with the DMV vehicle registration to access the vehicle’s age, make, model, overall condition, and mileage. Understand that if hail damage is not repaired, it can significantly affect the depreciation of the vehicle’s value.

Hail Damage and a Vehicle’s Valuation

Structural and surface damage can occur to a vehicle during a hailstorm. Hail stones can cause dents, scratches, and other issues. While this is surface damage, it can also cause more significant issues from the strong impact of the hail.

As mentioned, these can include broken or cracked windows, loose panels, and broken tail or headlights. It can also damage the airbag sensors.

Getting Needed Repairs After a Hailstorm

You may wonder after a storm, ‘can hail damage on a car be repaired?’. Is it worth it? The answer is yes in most cases. Hail damage is a common insurance claim and can affect the value and performance of the vehicle if not taken care of. The insurance adjuster will make an assessment and advise you on how to proceed. Then a body shop will take care of the repairs. Without the necessary repairs, the vehicle’s value plummets.

Even with minor visible damage, there can also be internal damage that needs to be assessed by a professional. If the vehicle has a high resale value, this can be even more important financially. Though every vehicle should be checked out.

Does My Auto Insurance Cover Hail Damage?

Typically, auto insurance does cover hail and storm damage to your car. Contact your agent as quickly as possible for an assessment and to get the process started. They will pay for repairs to get your vehicle back into great shape. That is what auto insurance is designed to do. Provide coverage for any damage to the vehicle.

Comprehensive Coverage Policies Versus Liability Coverage

These types of policies will cover any damage to the vehicle. This includes damage that is not related to a collision so hail damage will be covered. A liability policy will usually only go into effect if there is visible damage to the vehicle. While you may opt for the lower cost of liability insurance, it may not be the best choice if there is damage or you get into a wreck. A liability policy gives you only limited coverage. For instance, if there is internal damage to the car or you get into a wreck where you are found to be at fault, you could be responsible for the cost of repairs. In the instance of a wreck where you are at fault, it will only pay for the other person’s repairs, not your own.

How to Know If Hail Damage Repairs Were Done Correctly

After getting the hail damage repaired, inspect everything about the vehicle. The dents should be removed. The body panels should be securely in place. The paint should be clean and even with no chips. The seams around the panels should be secure and tight. There should be no water damage inside the vehicle from the air vents. Any cracked taillights or headlights should be properly repaired and in working order. If the damage was significant, also look at the whole symmetry of the vehicle including the panels and grill. All of these things will let you know that the work was done correctly.

Hail storms can cause significant damage to vehicles. It’s important to make sure that they are repaired correctly. Your insurance agent can help but you need to stay on top of the process. It can mean the difference between attempting to drive a damaged car and having one that functions correctly and will eventually have a solid resale value.

Hailstorms cause significant damage each year to vehicles across the country. While the severity of every storm is different, they can all produce damage that is both visible and unseen. When your vehicle has gone through a hailstorm, it’s very important to have it checked out. While it is a common occurrence, most cases of hail damage can be repaired and will be covered by insurance. Not doing so can affect the appearance of the vehicle and, in some cases, the safety of driving it.

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