Understanding EV Chargers

With the ever-evolving field of automotive options, staying up to date with the changes in technology can be a challenge. One such example of the advancements in automotive options is the emergence of more electric vehicles on the road. While electric vehicles are a great choice for any driver, it’s important to understand the requirements for them, especially in terms of charging. Understanding EV chargers can allow you to prepare for the responsibilities of owning an electric vehicle.

When understanding EV chargers, it is important to note the differences in the main types of chargers. A level one charger, which comes with the purchase of a majority of vehicles, is one that can be plugged into any regular wall outlet. The major drawback of a level one charger is the slow charging speed. Typically vehicles will receive three to five miles per hour of charge while using this level of charger.

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A level two charger has become the type most commonly installed in a home. Most, depending on the setup, can provide 25 to 30 miles of charge per hour. This does require the same type of electrical receptacle as an electric oven, so one may need to be installed in the home.

For additional information on EV chargers, please review the attached video.


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