Diesel Engines Are No More Immune To Corrosion Than Gasoline Engines Useful Upkeep Tips For 2019

Your diesel engine takes good care of you. Why not take good care of it?

Americans choose diesel over standard gasoline because of its wide array of benefits. Reduced carbon emissions, a smoother traveling experience…the list goes on and on. It’s far from a perfect creation, though, and can absolutely succumb to negligence. Whether you’re a new diesel engine owner or an experienced buyer, it’s important to be proactive. There are a lot of small additions you can purchase to increase the longevity of your equipment.

Do you need Duramax valve seals or diesel fuel filter replacements? Let’s find out.

Simple Facts About Diesel Engines

You’re not the only one wondering about the health of their engine. There are over 50 different models of diesel engine available to today’s consumers, with some slowly becoming obsolete. While diesel engine cars and trucks are in the minority, they’ve held steady for the past few years. According to a 2014 model study, less than 3% of light duty vehicles were diesel-powered. That said, every 10 out of 100 trucks sold in the United States relies on diesel fuel.

Aftermarket Cummins Wheels

This can seem like a strange place to begin when it comes to your diesel engine. How do better tires help your engine run more smoothly? Just like no part of the human body is ‘isolated’ from the rest, so too does your engine work as part of a greater whole. Slippery, thin tires put unnecessary stress on your engine to keep up. You can avoid this by changing your tires regularly, which also includes (but isn’t limited to) regular tire rotation.

Duramax Valve Seals

The engine is frequently referred to as the ‘heart’ of the car. Our arteries are able to become clogged with bad cholesterol, affecting the heart’s ability to pump blood to different parts of the body. Duramax valve seals work very much the same way. It’s recommended you check your valve seals on a regular basis to ensure they’re not leaking or eroding, as that can send oil to undesired areas in the car. Not only is this is expensive, it’s potentially dangerous.

Diesel Fuel Additive

You might not be thinking of much else to add to your diesel fuel, not with how competent it already is, but there is more that can be done. Fuel additives (and gasoline additives on the whole) can improve your engine’s power. This is done by reducing the risk of corrosion every time you turn on the car, ensuring a smooth result that translates well to the rest of the vehicle. Fuel additives for diesel engines add an extra pinch of goodness to an already strong package. This leads to the last part on the list…

Improve Lubricity With Accessories

No machine can work properly without good lubrication. It keeps gears from rusting and parts from grinding each other down prematurely. Your diesel engine needs the very best in modern lubrication to stand the test of time…even if you think it’s working fine! Alongside your Duramax valve seals you can consider purchasing a base oil and a modifier to adjust its thickness (or viscosity). While they can look superficially similar to the oils used for gasoline, it’s best not to get them mixed up.

Take good care of your diesel engine. See what a few extra accessories can do to keep your car lasting as long as possible.

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