Four Things You Won’t Have to Do If Your Company Uses a Corporate Car Service

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Travel for corporate events can be more stressful than the event itself. Besides trying to navigate a busy city that you know little about, you have to worry about deadlines, and of course, the reason that you’re there in the first place — business. However, imagine if your company used a town car service that incorporated the latest technologies? This is what your trip might look like.

You wouldn’t have to panic.

After taking enough business trips, you are probably more than familiar with the nagging worry that some part of your travel wasn’t properly booked. Depending on the service that you use, you can avoid those last-minute feelings of panic because you will know that the ride was booked well in advance. Thanks to an online system, you can easily take care of the booking for yourself when the administrative assistant is still too bogged down in the other travel arrangements.

You wouldn’t have to stand out in the cold waiting for ground transportation from airport to hotel.

Imagine if the transportation company would let you know when the car was on its way, and when it was finally there to pick you up? Instead of standing outside waiting, and wondering if your ride was on time, you could know exactly how long you have to pull together your presentation materials, and if there was time for just one last cup of coffee.

You wouldn’t have to fear for your life.

Say goodbye to the frightening taxi cab rides offering ground transportation from airport to hotel, a ride that’s more like a theme park attraction than any roller-coaster you’ve ever been on. Your company signed up for a truly professional town car service. The drivers are screened, constantly evaluated, and the vehicles are in excellent condition.

You wouldn’t have to scramble to put all your receipts in order.

Because the transportation company uses a dashboard that communicates all of the details of your travel to your company, you get to return from your trip and get right back to work instead of wasting hours digging around for travel receipts. Everything, including the ride from airport to hotel, the rides to each social calling and each meeting are digitally recorded!

TripAdvisor revealed that only about 62% of corporate travelers actually enjoy their business trip. This is what your next trip could look like if your company used corporate travel services. Whether you need ground transportation from airport to hotel, or from presentation to presentation, you’ll find that your trip is less stressful, more enjoyable, and more productive if the corporate travel service you use makes use of technology. Continue your research here.

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