Get Good Floor Mats for Your Car

Nearly everyone is aware of the need for hygiene and mess control in most aspects of their lives. Washing one’s hands after using the restroom, for example, or showing or bathing regularly, vacuuming the floors of a house or commercial building, and disposing of rotting food or other organic waste. Usually, the body and the home are targets for these cleaning jobs, but an overlooked arena for hygiene and freshness is the private automobile. Molded carpet can be a problem, and trunk mats, a vinyl trunk mat, the seats, and much more can become havens for germs and dirt, and therefore can be a health problem, not to mention distasteful with visible stains, or odors or stickiness or crumbs. The good news is that car hygiene and freshness can be easily done with a classic car floor mat, and treating these mats well and replacing them as needed.

A classic car floor mat can become a health hazard if neglected, and the same can be said for the trunk, or any surface in the car’s interior. In fact, cars are often much germ-ridden than homes are, which is ironic, given how much more work is put into keeping a home’s surfaces clean and germ free. A car’s surfaces may have as much as 17,000 times the bacteria of a house, as a study done by GAP Enviromicrobial Services showed. In a similar vein, a celebrated microbiologist named Charles P. Gerba carried out a study and determined that cars that often carry children often have more germs in them than cars that don’t, and germs are often focused on food and drink spills, since those spills are food sources for the bacteria. And according to surveys, about 70% of drivers typically eat or drink in their cars. Even without children or food involved, a car’s regular occupants will sometimes track dirt, mud, or rain water or snow into a car, and that can build up germ populations and strain and wear our the mats. With all these health hazards going around, keeping a car clean is obviously important, and a classic car mat is an easy avenue to better health.

Any car will have carpeting installed into its interior, often matching the color of the seats and other surfaces. However, this carpet is not easily replaced, and stains or colonies of bacteria may be difficult to remove. Instead, a classic car mat of carpet material can make all the difference. These mats can be custom shapes and colors to suit the car owner’s personal taste and the car’s actual dimensions, adding some personality to the car. On the practical side, these mats can be easily cleaned and replaced whenever needed, unlike the car’s actual carpet. A classic car floor mat makes things both clean and easy, something that should appeal to any car owner.

A car mat will collect the dirt, hair, crumbs, spills, and anything else that would normally get onto the car’s carpet, especially in a car that often carries children or where the occupants eat or drink. Whenever a classic car met gets dirty enough, it can be easily removed and then cleaned, whether at a gas station or with a person’s own appliances, removing all the dirt and stains, along with the bacteria found in the material. What is more, once the mats become worn out from use, or if the stains become too deeply ingrained, the mat can be simply thrown away and a new one replaces it, getting the car fresh all over again. This can also be done for the trunk; it’s often even more germ infested than the rest of the car’s interior, and people often put their groceries there. To minimize contact of germs with food, trunk mats can also be cleaned and replaced as needed, and a custom floor mat could be found for a trunk, just like with the car’s interior. Anywhere in a car, a classic car floor mat keeps things fresh, germ free, and stylish on the road.

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