How to Choose a Truck Dealership

The factors in choosing a truck dealership are the same as those used when choosing an auto dealer, a dentist, a restaurant, or any other service provider. You want each to deliver on five key dimensions: reliability, assurance, tangibles, empathy, and responsiveness. Reliability is delivering as promised, and a truck dealer does so by performing repairs at the time and for the money promised.

Assurance is about inspiring confidence, which a truck dealer can do by being open about their new truck pricing and providing the customer with several payment options to find the approach that fits their needs.

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It may also involve helping the customer find the best truck for their application. Tangibles involve how a company presents itself. Is the dealership clean and well organized? Are the employees neat and clean? Do they take the time to explain things in advance and answer your questions?
Empathy involves a willingness to listen, understand, and help solve problems. Employees are empowered to act without getting approval from their manager. Can a salesperson make the deal without speaking to their manager? Can the service technician make some decisions on their own?
Answering your questions and performing services in a timely manner is being responsive. A truck dealership that delivers on these dimensions has more long-term success than one that doesn’t.

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