How to Effectively Protect Your Truck to Make it Last a Long Time

Cut tape

If you have a truck then you need to be conscious of how you take care of it. Trucks can get a lot more beat up than cars because they are used for a lot more than just driving. Between the hauling and the towing, a truck is in for a rough life, sometimes. However, there are certain measures you can take to protect your truck and prolong the paint life and interior. Here are a few tips for making sure your truck stays nice through the years.

Spray On Bedliners
Spray on bedliners go exactly where the name suggests; the bed of the truck. Most truck beds are painted with the same paint as the rest of the truck. However, the bed is what receives the most abuse and gets damaged the quickest. Spray on bedliners work to protect the truck from getting messed up so much. A wiretrim edge cutting tape application process is used to make sure that the spray doesn’t hit other areas of the truck. This is because spray on bedliners are made of an extremely durable material and once the spray is applied and set, you can assume that it is not going to come off. It hardens in place and is virtually impossible to scratch.

Rust Prevention
In order to stop rusting building up on your car, you should regularly wash it and dry it and use baking soda in order to neutralize any salt that has gotten on it from the road. If you live in a particularly humid place, especially if it has a beach and ocean, you’ll need to make extra sure that you are working to prevent rust. Waxing your truck can also help to avoid having a rust problem. There is something called liquid ceramic that you can apply to your truck if you think you are really in danger of rust. It’s fairly easy to apply and can be done yourself, if you look up how to properly do it. Even the wheels can be sprayed.

Car Covers
The best place to park your truck when it is not in use, is your garage. This will protect it from the weather, other cars and passers by. However, if you do not have a garage there are certain things that you can do. Alarm systems that go off at the first touch will deter thieves and a car cover is a great way to protect against the weather. There are many different types of car covers that you can get from a blanket type cover to an airbag kind of contraption. Either way, you want to get one that sets up as quickly as possible. This way, it’s not a hassle to cover your truck on a regular basis but also so that if you caught in a hail storm or something like that, you can pull over and quickly cover your truck before too much paint and glass damage occurs.

Floor Liners
It’s also important to protect the interior of your truck. Use seat covers to protect the upholstery. The floors are what get the most messed up in trucks. Everything from bare feet to muddy boots touch the floors and can really give the material there a run for your money. So, install floor liners to protect the carpets from getting messed up. Disposable floor liners are best, so that you can just throw them away and replace them once they get too messed up. You want this especially if your truck is a work truck. Your workmen friends probably won’t be thinking about how dirty they are when they jump into your truck. Make sure you have the liners on the floor and upholstery at least during the work day. You could then take them off later if you wish.

If your truck doubles as a work truck and family vehicle, it’s important to keep it clean and nice. However, making sure you keep up on your truck and making sure it stays in good condition is more than just looking nice. It will help to retain your truck’s value in case you ever want to sell it.

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