Use a Bedliner Spray Gun to Get the Job Done

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What kind of truck are you driving? Or, are you planning to buy a new truck in the near future? If so, were you aware that in August 2015, pick-up truck sales increased 8%? Interesting to note is that California has the largest number of pickup trucks on the road. When compared with all other motor vehicles, 24% of California’s vehicles are pickup trucks.

If you know your trucks, then you’re no doubt aware that the Ford F-150 has maintained its popularity since 1982. In fact, in the United States, it’s considered to be the best-selling vehicle.

In 2013, full-size pickup trucks accounted for every eighth new vehicle sold. Approximately 90% of these were manufactured by the following companies:

    General Motors

In 2012 alone, there were 1.6 million pickup trucks sold. If you’re an auto-body shop owner, then you know those trucks are going to eventually need some touching up, especially the truck bedliners. If you have a pickup truck dealership, then you’re also going to be involved in taking care of truck bedliners on occasion.

What kind of spray gun for bedliner are you currently using? What types of material?

There are two classes of material, or types of coatings, for spray on truck bed liners: aromatic and alphatic compounds. The application process can be conducted with low-pressure, which is not heated, or high-pressure, which is heated.

When using a bedliner spray gun, you will want to pay particular attention to the application process and the thickness of the coating you apply. Polyurethane, for example, can be sprayed on at a minimum of 1/16 inch and up to four inches.

Applying a thinner coat is not recommended because it can chip and crack. Furthermore, a thicker coating
can alter the truck beds size and shape.

There are two main purposes for using a polyurethane sprays as types of coatings. As well as preventing scratching and rusting, polyurethane spray also prevents chemical contamination due to the deterioration that can occur with standard OEM paint.

Polyurethane spray also provides an anti-skid or anti-slip surface, which is important when you’re hauling equipment, boxes, and other items that need to be held as stationary as possible. This is also a benefit when stepping into and walking around in the truck bed.

If you’re considering spray guns for truck bedliner repair and touch-ups, you can find these, and other products, at a spray on bedliner dealer.

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