How to Operate a Drive Over Grain Conveyor

A drive over grain conveyor is an optimal cropping tool that helps you save time and money while optimizing your graining operation. If you want to speed up your work while keeping the efficiency up, then a Drive over grain conveyor is what you need.

For this video, we’ll showcase and explain how to operate a drive over grain conveyor.

Optimize material containment

Better material containment means a better product, and as a farmer, you have to optimize your product if you want to increase your earnings.

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Buying the right tools is mandatory for increasing your production, and a drive over grain conveyor will save you time.

Hydraulic controls

A benefit of drive over grain conveyors is their hydraulic controls, which are easy to operate and guarantee a better position for your materials. If quality control is crucial for you, the hydraulic controls of a drive over grain conveyor will do the trick.

Drive over grain conveyor is a must-have tool for speeding up the graining process and optimizing your time. Watch our video for more information about graining equipment.

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