I Caused a Car Crash and Got Sued What Should I Do?

If you caused a car crash and have been sued, it’s essential to take immediate steps to protect your legal rights and address the situation responsibly. Here’s what you should do:

  • Review the Lawsuit: Carefully review the lawsuit documents you received, including the complaint and summons. Understand the allegations against you and the legal basis for the plaintiff’s claim.
  • Consult with an Attorney: Seek legal advice from a qualified attorney experienced in handling car accident lawsuits. Your attorney can assess the merits of the case, explain your rights and options, and provide guidance on how to proceed.

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    They can also issue out of state subpoena to produce documents.

  • Respond to the Lawsuit: Ensure that you respond to the lawsuit within the specified timeframe, typically by filing an answer or other responsive pleading with the court. Failure to respond could result in a default judgment entered against you.
  • Cooperate with Your Attorney: Work closely with your attorney to prepare your defense, gather evidence, and respond to any discovery requests from the plaintiff’s attorney. Provide truthful and accurate information to your attorney to facilitate the defense process.
  • Negotiate a Settlement: Consider the possibility of negotiating a settlement with the plaintiff to resolve the lawsuit outside of court. Your attorney can help negotiate a fair settlement that minimizes your financial liability and avoids protracted litigation.

By taking these steps and seeking guidance from a qualified attorney, you can effectively address a car accident lawsuit and work towards a resolution that protects your interests.


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