Navigating the Challenges of Lifting Trucks What You Need to Know

Lifting trucks is an exciting yet challenging venture, and there are vital lessons to learn before taking on the project. Patience is crucial amidst global material shortages affecting lift kit deliveries. Top brands like BDS, Zone, Rough Country, and Superlift offer limited in-stock availability, addressing the delay issue.

Maximize the installation process by performing maintenance, leveraging the disassembled front end to address components like Pitman arms, idler arms, tie rod ends, ball joints, and wheel bearings. This ensures the longevity of your truck’s performance, especially with larger wheels and tires.

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Underestimating the time commitment is common. Actual installation times on aging pickups may significantly differ from estimates in lift kit manuals, accounting for frozen bolts and unforeseen challenges.

Ride quality post-lift can vary. Some experience a firmer ride with upgraded shocks, while others may encounter a decrease in comfort. Opting for high-quality shocks from reputable brands like King, Fox Racing, or Bilstein helps maintain optimal comfort.

For those in Northern states, rust challenges are inevitable. Budgeting extra funds for potential replacements and preparing for worst-case scenarios is crucial when lifting trucks aged beyond a few years. Understanding these key points is vital for a smooth lifted trucks journey, ensuring enthusiasts navigate challenges with confidence.

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