Learn How a Vision Disorder Can Affect Your Driving

As we age, it can become more and more difficult to see what’s right in front of us, especially while driving. Youtube channel USDOTNHTSA shows us the dangers of having a vision disorder while operating a vehicle.

Three major disorders have been known to cause driving difficulty; glaucoma, macular degeneration, and cataracts.

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Cataracts make overall vision blurry and dull. They can prevent the driver from seeing pedestrians, markings for lanes, and even traffic lights. Vision can also worsen from the glare of headlights or even the sun.

Macular degeneration will affect central vision the most. Without being able to properly see what’s right in front of the vehicle, the driver can miss the nearby dangers that one would usually avoid.

Glaucoma has the opposite effect as degenerating peripheral vision, or what your eye can see on the sides. This can be especially dangerous when turning, as the on-coming vehicle won’t be visible to someone with the condition.

It’s recommended to have a regular eye check-up every year. Be sure to always wear corrective lenses should it be stated on your driver’s license, take a corrective driving course if necessary, or take alternative modes of transportation.

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