Listen to a Trucking Podcast All About Reefer Transportation

The term “reefer” in the transportation industry is slang used to mean refrigerated transportation. Reefer transportation companies provide freight shipping for foods and products requiring a temperature-controlled environment. Medical items, food, and other sensitive products get transported through this niche industry.

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Trailers used by reefer transportation companies have built-in cooling systems to maintain the correct temperature from loading to offloading. Personnel, like drivers and loaders, must be well trained in handling reefer products.

Reefer trucks are more expensive to operate and maintain compared to dry trucks. This expense reflects in their load rates. Freight rates will differ depending on the cargo type you are shipping and your location, among other factors.

Successful reefer transportation companies follow good practices when handling and storing products. They always have a plan for trailer cleaning and cooling before loading, quick truck loading, and possible disruptions.

These reefer transportation companies are on a steady rise. They are a niche-specific investment that can help save on money, time, and resources in the long term.

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