Looking For Your Dream Car? Look No Further When You Buy A Subaru

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It’s always tough to decide on the type of vehicle that’s going to be the best fit for you and/or your family. All of them boast great safety ratings, fuel efficiency, sleeker design, and better environmental policies. Around the holiday season, the news is awash with discount offers and cashback ads. So how do you decide? As Subaru dealers can tell you, their vehicles have become a top choice for family cars for their reliability, safety ratings, and durability. A used Subaru for sale is still fairly pricy because of how long the cars can last and the Subaru inventory just keeps getting better.
So Tell Me About Subaru
The Subaru brand is Japanese in origin, coming from the car manufacturing division called Fuji Heavy Industries (abbreviated FHI). FHI is the 26th largest production automobile manufacturer globally. The first Subaru was produced in 1954 and dubbed the Subaru 1500. The trademark star cluster logo actually gets its origins from the Japanese name for the constellation Pleiades. Subaru began its journey in America in Philadelphia in 1968 and has steadily increased in popularity ever since.
What’s So Great About A Subaru?
Local Subaru dealers and larger dealers alike will point to the popular items in the Subaru inventory, like the Forester, the Outback, and the Impreza. Currently, the Subaru inventory is showing off the expansive family car styles, with good sized trunks, easy to use systems, comfortable seats, and up to date technology, like Bluetooth, satellite radio and GPS, and USB ports for smartphones or iPods. It has good speed with just a light tap of the gas pedal and has excellent gas mileage. It’s known for being an easy car to drive, with a good turning radius and few blind spots.
Many families also choose Subaru because of their stellar safety ratings. They’re a great choice for people who live in colder climates with lots of snow and ice, as many of the Subaru vehicles handle well in such weather. Subaru won the most Top Safety Picks in 2014 than any other car model on the road, awarded by The Institute for Highway Safety. It’s not uncommon to see a Subaru still running well on the road at 100,000+ miles.
Their durability can also make them a great first car for high school or college student and young adults. Passing on the old family car might just be the best choice after all and you can rest easier knowing their chances of breaking down on the road are a little less than with some other brands,
Subarus also have an excellent eco-friendly reputation, initiating “zero-landfill plants” since 2004, where they manufacture their vehicles. Their vehicles are also dedicated to being recyclable: 97.3% of scrapped vehicles can be reused, because they originally use highly recyclable materials when they build the car. Indeed, an American plant in Lafayette, Indiana was the first auto assembly plant to claim that they’d reached zero landfill status. How’s that for eco-friendly?
When you’re thinking about choosing your next vehicle, consider choosing a Subaru. Talking to local Subaru car dealers may help you decide on which model will be the best for your needs, but you won’t find a more dependable car out there.

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