Is It Time for a New Car?

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Did you know that Subaru was founded in Tokyo, Japan in 1953? In addition, Chevrolet first began operations in Detroit, Michigan in 1911. Both Subaru and Chevrolet have remained major players in the global automotive market, and for good reason, too. This is because there are several benefits of driving both Subaru and Chevrolet vehicles.

– Subaru. Subaru creates automobiles that are both practical and fun to drive, and because of this, Fuji Heavy Industries, which is a transportation conglomerate that owns Subaru, is currently the 22nd largest automaker in the entire world. Not only does Subaru inventory feature all-wheel-drive drivetrains, but it also includes boxer engines, as well. Boxer engines are flat motors that contain horizontal-moving pistons, and this is beneficial because it allows vehicles to achieve a lower center of gravity, which significantly helps with handling and control. Due to these vital advantages, Subaru inventory is commonly found at new and used Subaru dealers.

– Chevrolet. On the road in 66% of the world, Chevrolet is part of General Motors, which is currently the 2nd largest automaker globally. In fact, Chevy sold more than 4.75 million vehicles in 2011 alone, which means Chevrolet sells roughly one vehicle every 6.5 seconds. This is partly because Chevy has a strong presence in popular culture, having been mentioned in more than 1,000 songs worldwide. In fact, Mariah Carey, Kid Rock, and Jay Z have all named-dropped the Chevrolet brand in hit songs. Due to this overwhelming popularity, used and new Chevy dealers always have an abundance of these vehicles on hand.

There are several benefits of driving both Subaru and Chevrolet vehicles. Not only are Subaru automobiles practical and fun to drive, but Chevrolet has a wealth of popular cars, trucks, and SUVs to choose from. As a result, it is simple to find the car of your dreams when you visit local Subaru and Chevy dealers. See this link for more references:

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