Protecting Your Truck Bed With Spray On Bedliner

Bed liner spray gun

Most people who choose to own trucks do it out of necessity. Trucks are ideal for transporting and carrying large and heavy items. If you are constantly carrying around heavy items, it is a necessity. Additionally, if you work as a contractor of some type or own your own contracting business, the truck bed of a truck can be very useful and necessary. However, most truck owners will notice that their trucks get dirty and ruined very quickly because of all of the wear and tear on them. Because you are constantly transporting heavy objects, mostly in the truck bed, your truck bed can quickly become damaged. Fortunately, there are things that a truck owner can to do prevent and to improve the condition of their truck bed.

A liner of some sort is great at preventing premature wear and tear of your truck bed. The liner acts as a barrier to ruining the actual bottom of the truck bed. The barrier is often made of stronger and more resistant material, and can keep the truck bed cleaner and newer looking. Many of the spray on bedliner products are put on with vinyl cutting tape and are made out of materials that prevent excessive wear and tear and scratching and contamination. Spraying polyurethane serves two purposes. First, it adds years of service by preventing scratching, rusting and chemical contamination from deteriorating standard OEM paint. Second, it can create a roughed up, anti skid or anti slip surface. This product can keep your truck bedliners newer and more resistant.

When applying a spray on bed liner paint, it is important that is be sprayed on professionally. A poor spray on job can lead to premature peeling and a lack of resistance. Products like vinyl cutting tape and wire tape can help with a smooth and professional application process. However, it is generally a better decision to have it professional painted on. The two individual components of the spray system, the diisocyanate and the polyol, are metered by the processing equipment and fed to a hand held spray gun. The reactive components meet, mix and are applied by the trained and properly protected application.

In addition to needing a smooth and professional paint job, the materials of the spray on bed liner can be dangerous if not painted on properly. A professional painter will have the necessary equipment and protection to remain protected. There is also a specific amount of thickness that is required to be both effective and safe. Polyurethane can be sprayed from one sixteenth inch to four inches, depending on the application. Thinner coatings may cost less but can chip and crack. Thicker coatings destroy the shape and size of the truck bed. Vinyl cutting tape can help to establish the best thickness of the spray on bed liner. However, because of the risk of not working properly and of ruining the shape and thickness of the actual bed liner, a professional is often needed to get the right amount of thickness.

Trucks are a very common type of vehicle, especially in people that need to transport large objects and those who are employed in contracting fields. Although they are very useful for transporting large objects, this can put a lot of wear and tear on the truck bed of the vehicle. Spray on bed liner and cut tape can put a protective barrier onto the truck bed, making it more resistant to scratches and peelings. Products like vinyl cutting tape and wire tape are often needed to ensure a proper paint job. The paint job is often best left to professional auto painters to ensure a quality paint job that is also painted on safely. The point is to have the bed line stay on for many years and to protect the shape of the truck bed.

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