How Spray on Bedliners Can Save You Money

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Pickup trucks are a very popular style of vehicle. People love their pickups. In 2012, over 1.5 million pickup trucks were sold in the United States. In 2013, one in every eight new vehicles sold in the United States was a full-size pickup truck. The most popular brands of those trucks (90%) were Ford, Chrysler, and General Motors. In 2015, pickup truck sales in the United States increased by eight percent.
So, obviously, people love pickup trucks. But what about maintaining them?
One of the biggest draws of the pickup truck is the open cargo area behind the (typically closed) cabin. Typically, these cargo areas allow large amounts of items — such as groceries, equipment, tools, etc. — to be carried. Unfortunately, because of their heavy use and their almost nonstop exposure to the elements, the cargo area (also known as the “truck bed”) is often one of the first to feature heavy signs of use. Scratches, dents, and more are the biggest offenders of unprotected truck beds.
So how do you protect the truck bed?
Perhaps the best method of protection are spray on bedliners. Spray on bedliners are excellent at protecting the cargo area of your truck from a variety of issues. Truck bedliners come in a variety of different textures, each serving a different purchase. There are spray bedliners with a smooth texture, which will make cleaning the truck bed much easier, particularly in areas that have a lot of dirt. Rougher textures will help prevent the items you carry — tools and work materials, primarily, or even groceries — from skidding around and banging against the sides. They’re also useful for standard protection from dents and scratches, and they can also help the truck bed maintain its shape and prevent bowing.
There are many other applications for spray on bedliners, as well. The famous television show, Mythbusters tested the efficacy of bedliner spray guns in their 176th episode, “Drain Disaster.” In it, they confirmed that the bedliner spray was able to help materials withstand both a dog bite and a minor explosion.
For pickup truck maintenance, one of the best possible investments is bedliner spray. It can help protect the cargo area of your truck from scratches, dents, and bowing, and has even been shown to have other uses.

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