Stainless Steel Repairs How to Mend a Crack

Stainless steel is a commonly used metal that requires more special care compared to other materials. Stainless steel repairs are totally possible with the use of a few helpful tips and are a great alternative to having to completely replace the damaged item.

The first step is to carefully clean the item needing repair.

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Any remaining debris or residue could compromise the integrity of your weld. Stubborn materials can be removed with a wire brush and acetone. The next step is to purge your material. You can use whatever supplies you have on hand, such as aluminum foil and perch plugs. After preparing the part, you are ready to begin your weld.

Unlike with other projects, keep in mind that this repair will have unpredictable factors due to the history of the piece. The metal might be heat worked if it came from an automobile. Despite your best efforts to clean the surface, remaining dirt or debris might still be present. If the item is old and has been used heavily, that could affect the integrity of the stainless steel. All of these factors might prevent the material from welding effectively, so it is important to adjust your expectations.

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