What You Didnt Know About Tranmissions

Watch this video to learn vital details about transmissions that will help you when doing repairs. The crucial things you need to understand are the type of transmission system, manual or automatic. Some countries will specify the type of gearbox and transmission system. Automatic transmissions are easier to control, have less wear, and are more safety oriented. They also guarantee fuel economy when driving.

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They select gears depending on acceleration. The modes are R for Reverse, D for Drive, N for Neutral, and P for parking. Additional ones are available in some models. These include W for Winter driving, S for sport used for stability in long winding bends, and M for manual shifting meant for protecting the engine.

Transmission repair requires you to know all the components of the system and how to troubleshoot problems. Understand the structure of your gearbox and components. The load is always ignored, but overloading beyond recommended torque damages the transmission. Avoid aggressive driving and towing your vehicle using another one when it breaks down to reduce friction. The friction causes overheating leading that causes damage. It is crucial to check for leaks and a defective cooling system. Finally, note that the check engine light on your dashboard is not always due to a faulty gearbox. It is best to go to the experts to know why you are seeing the warning.

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