The Benefits and Technology of CNG

New fuel alternatives and innovations are emerging now more than ever. This video talks about Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) technology and how it can be beneficial.

Compressed Natural Gas is a clean-burning fuel used in vehicles. It is made from methane and used in light-duty vehicles such as buses, passenger cars, and vans. Compared to other fuel types like diesel and gasoline, a CNG engine vehicle emits fewer pollutants and is more efficient.

CNG vehicles come with four different tank types. These include steel tanks, steel liner tanks, plastic liner tanks, and steel, carbon, or aluminum wrapped tanks.

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The tank stores natural gas and feeds it to high-pressure cylinders with a pressure regulator, which reduces the natural gas to a level manageable by the engine.

In the event of overpressure or extreme temperatures, the tank releases pressure into the atmosphere, keeping the engine cool. Inside the pressure release is a heat disc set to burst at pressure over 1,500 psi and temperature over 250°F. This prevents the engine from catching fire.
Motorists prefer CNG because it is clean, domestic, and abundant. It is also cheaper and, as a result, saves them fuel money.


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