How to Clean the Saltiest of BMWs

Have you ever come across a salt-covered car or motorcycle? When you look at these vehicles, the sight of them makes you cringe. The smell can be even worse and can last forever. However, it’s entirely possible to get your car clean. If you plan to clean your vehicle, removing the salt from the surface is essential. This video shows how to clean a salty BMW with proper BMW detailing.

BMW detailing starts with removing everything you don’t want to be covered in salt.

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Start with the wheels and the front of the car, and work your way backward. Next, Start spraying the exterior. Work your way up the body, starting with the outside panels, the doors, hood, windshield, and roof. Make sure you coat the inside of each panel.

Additionally, use shampoo to shine the car’s exterior. After that, give the car a final polish with a microfiber cloth. Use only the softest side of the cloth, and avoid rubbing it hard across the paint. After polishing, let the car sit for another hour.

A detailed car will increase its value because it will look good and be clean. Moreover, it will have a longer lifespan.

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