These Stories About Bikers Will Shock You

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In spite of negative stereotypes and misconceptions, bikers can have big hearts, too! Bikers are not just about tattoos, leather, and chains. In fact, just last month, a group of motorcyclists organized a ride to protest the arrest of a U.S. marine who was captured near the Mexican border. Can bikers be charitable, and why do some experts believe that they should be watching out their own backs first?

A Day In the Life Of A Charitable Biker

“Sargent Andrew Tahmooressi drove his truck into Tijuana not knowing he had crossed the Mexican border with firearms,” KMTV reports. “All of the guns were legally registered in the United States. But in Mexico, firearm possession is almost completely illegal. He has been behind bars since April 1st on weapon charges.” Nebraska bikers organized a ride in support of Tahmooressi. (Tahmooressi will go to trial in just a few weeks.)

If riding to support our troops isn’t wholesome enough, a group of bikers associated with Victory motorcycle dealers rode to Idaho to help an 11 year old boy celebrate his birthday. Gage Driskell is fighting cancer (he has several tumors in his brain and along his spine). When asked what he wanted for his birthday, Gage said he wanted to ride a motorcycle. The bikers helped Gage’s wish come true.

Should Bikers Look Out For Themselves First?

Even some of the most successful motorcycle dealers, including Triumph dealers, admit that riding a motorcycle can be incredibly dangerous. Bikers are 35% more likely to get into fatal accidents. Protective equipment can, however, save lives and reduce bikers’ chances of road rash and other serious injuries.

There are 9 million motorcycles registered in the U.S., and motorcycle sales generate approximately $7 billion per year. If you are going to join America’s many bikers, remember to be safe and wear proper protective equipment at all times. For more information see this.

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