Is It Time to Buy a New Car? Three Tips for Getting a Great Deal

Nissan altima

Each year, according to New York Daily News, more than 15 million used and new car sales are carried out in the United States. The popularity of owning our vehicles is nothing new. Since Henry Ford revolutionized the production process and started the Age of the Automobile, cars have just been in our blood.

Whether you’re looking at Nissan car specials or you’re looking for your first car from used car dealers, buying a car is going to cost you a pretty penny. However, even with that being said, if you learn how to navigate the often tricky waters of both used and new car shopping, you can find a great deal.

Three Tricks for Getting a Deal on a New Car Sale

  1. Know Exactly What You Want out of a Car
  2. For MSN Autos, the best way to save on a car is to first decide what you actually want. One of the oldest tricks of the trade is to try and talk customers into a higher priced model, featuring an endless list of amenities they likely neither need nor want. Write down a list of the things you know you just can’t live without before going in, from fuel economy to sound system, to narrow your choices — and price range — to something you’ll love.

  3. Don’t Talk About Paying in Cash Until It’s Actually Time to Pay
  4. One of the ways car dealers make money off of car sales is by taking a percentage of the financing, if you have to take out a loan to pay for your car. Subsequently, CNN News suggests holding off until you’ve already negotiated a payment price to announce you’re paying in cash. The reason? Dealers will often drop the financed price of a car far more than for a car bought with cash. It’s just a matter of commission in their minds.

  5. Research, Research, Research
  6. If you really want to save, writes Edmunds, you need to do your research going in. Say, for example, you have your heart set on buying a Nissan Altima. By using Edmunds True Value guide or the ever popular Kelley Blue Book, you can get an idea of what you can expect to pay. In short, this is the best way to spot a ripoff or a great deal from the get go.

Do you make a living in car sales? What tips would you give buyers looking to shave a little bit off the asking price? Let us know in the comments below. Find out more here:

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