Three Numbers Proving That Buses Are Revolutionizing Sustainability in the Travel Industry

Charter bus trips

If you’re trying to satisfy your wanderlust but you shake the guilty feeling you get when you hop on a plane or drive your car for hundreds of miles, there’s a solution for your travel woes that will fulfill your desire to explore and also keep your carbon footprint down; we’re talking about coach buses and chartered bus services.

Most people either think of school buses or public transit lines when they hear the word “bus,” but a growing number of people have begun realizing that there are tons of local bus services that can provide transportation beyond their city limits. And the best part here is that these coach buses aren’t just some of the most eco-friendly vehicles on the road today; they’re also constantly being re-developed by engineers who know everything there is to know about fuel-efficient vehicles.

For example.

206 miles per gallon (MPG): The amount of fuel that is used for each passenger on a coach bus. Compared to the 44 MPG per passenger that airplanes have, and the 27 MPG that individual cars have, it’s clear that buses are the leaders in fuel efficiency.

55: The number of cars on the highway that can be replaced with just one coach bus, thus reducing the amount of carbon dioxide emissions significantly.

$1.65: The amount of money that is put back into the economy, via various tourism and travel industries, whenever $1 is invested into the coach bus industry. This not only provides thousands of Americans with jobs, but it also contributes to the overall $1.2 billion generated each year by the travel industry — which is a different kind of “green initiative,” but is still incredibly important (especially in this economy right now).

Now it’s time for some sharing — do you happen to know any surprising facts about the sustainability and fuel-efficiency of buses? Do these statistics have you convinced that buses are the way to go, or do you think there’s a better option out there? Feel free to leave any thoughts and opinions in the comments section and let us know what you’re thinking!

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