Two Things to Know About Car Shipping Rates That Will Help You Choose a Company

International car shipping

If you have to move a vehicle, you’ve probably already realized that the easiest way to do that is to hire a car shipping company to take care of it for you. Maybe you’re moving across the country for a new job and have to drive a moving truck, or maybe you need your boat moved from the marina to storage for the winter. Any way around it, hiring a vehicle transport company is often cheaper and more convenient for getting your vehicle where you need it to go than trying to do your car moving yourself. One of the most important things to consider when you’re looking at your car shipping options is how much it’s going to cost you. Here are two things you need to know about car shipping rates before you start looking.

What the rate will be based on
There are basically two factors that car shipping rates depend on. One is the weight of the vehicle. The more the vehicle weighs, the more the cost will be. The other factor is the distance you need it shipped. Typically, the longer the distance you need the car shipped, the more it’s going to cost you. There are shipping options that can have an effect on the price, like choosing to ship more than one vehicle at a time or choosing and open or multicarrier.

How to compare shipping rates
Once you know which factors will determine how much your char shipping rate is going to be, you’ll need to start comparing prices. Many car shipping companies have a shipping calculator that will give you a good idea of what the cost is going to be. Once you have multiple quotes — you should try to get a few — you should read a few reviews before making a final decision.

Hiring a car moving company to ship your vehicle for you can seem to be counter-intuitive. Cars can move themselves, right? Why should we pay someone to do something we can do ourselves? The fact is, driving a car a long distance can be pretty costly, especially considering the price of gas these days. Making smart choices about the company you pick and knowing how they’ll charge you is the best way to save money.

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