Understanding Brake Services

Brake services are essential to keep brakes in good working condition. Without brakes, cars would be unable to stop, leading to accidents. Understanding these services is vital to maintaining the brakes to avoid expensive repairs and replacements.

Video Source

Watch this video to see what happens when you take a vehicle or motorcycle for a brake service.

Brake services can be inclusive of several procedures. Inspection is one main procedure that is done during a brake service. The brake pads, fluid levels, brake lines, cylinders, and many other components are checked to ensure they function well. The mechanic makes adjustments where needed and ensures that the brake operates in a way that does not strike the rotor. If the brake pad wears out, it is replaced with a new one that works effectively.

cleaning areas in the brake pad and lubricating them so the pad can move freely is another aspect of brake services. Also, if the brake disc starts showing wear signs, it is resurfaced to prolong its life. The process involves using a machine to remove imperfections from the disc. Another necessary procedure is putting the stop squeal on the brakes. This product helps to keep the pad nice and quiet when braking.


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