What Customers Can Expect from the Typical Trailer Rental Canada Offers

Rental trailer

The trucking industry in Canada is worth an estimated $65 billion, primarily since two thirds of trade between Canada and the U.S. involve trucking as the main mode of transportation. This factors in more than 80 percent of goods that Canada imports from the U.S. Because this transportation mode is high on the trade factor between these two countries, trailer sales and rentals are big business in the country too.

A company wanting to export or import goods to and from Canada could then contact the average company involved in trailer rental Canada has available to either lease, rent, or buy trailers, getting roadside assistance and other services while they are at it. In Canada trailer sales are always going to be high, since this is how exports and imports are made. This includes refrigerated trailers for sale and rent and the renting of reefer trailers, which no longer use Freon since it is such a highly noxious and toxic gas. A reefer trailer made prior to 1966 often is converted though, to a more environmentally friendly coolant that is referred to as R134a.

So what entails the typical trailer rental Canada has available, and what sorts of things are considered during the renting process? For companies wanting to rent out a trailer, there obviously are many options for rentals that are discussed between them and the salespeople looking to rent out these trailers. This too includes some informal training and education on what trailers can handle and what the typical Class 5 truck gross vehicle weight rating is, which ranges from 16,001 pounds to 19,500 pounds, or 7,258 kilograms to 8,845 kilograms. The typical trailer rental Canada businesses dole out is given to someone with limited knowledge of the actual industry, and so some discussion of these weights and other necessary considerations are covered before anything is rented and hauled out the door.

When walking clients through a trailer rental canada salespeople too are keen to show them the best potential option for their trailer needs. They ask all sorts of questions related to the rental and what will be hauled, such as whether it requires refrigeration and whether it is a chemical that needs to be more carefully loaded. Through going through the typical trailer rental Canada salespeople are more informed, and so are their customers, giving the industry a stronger and more knowledgeable presence when importing and exporting goods.

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