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Car Talk was a car talk radio show that was broadcast by National Public Radio (NPR) for more than 25 years. Hosted by the charming and funny Magliozzi brothers (also known as Click and Clack), Car Talk provided hours of witty brotherly banter (spoken with a New England dialect and Boston area acceent) mixed in with spot on car service recommendations and diagnostics. At the height of its popularity, the car mechanic duo reached 3.3 million listeners each week while being broadcasted by more than 660 stations. The Magliozzi brothers (Tom and Ray) have since retired, and NPR stopped producing new episodes and new Car Talk podcast in October of 2012.

Even though NPR stopped producing new shows, Car talk radio shows including Car Talk podcast are archived online. And the Car Talk podcast can still be heard and found online on NPRs site or on Listeners simply need to sign up for the free Car Talk podcast, and each week a new Car Talk podcast will be sent your way. You can also subscribe via NPRs podcast directory, according to their site. There is also free online streaming of archived shows.

Speaking of the website, in addition to holding older Car Talk podcast, is a great resource for information that can help you and your vehicle. There are loads and loads of car care and maintenance informational guides (including tips to buying, owning, driving, and selling a car). One section of the Car Talk community is entitled Mechanics Files, and enables visitors to the site to either review their experiences with mechanics in their neighborhood, or read other comments about local mechanics. also houses a blog with regular contributors who are experienced car specialists and offer gems of car knowledge. The Car Talk Community section has everything from general discussions about repair and maintenance, to topics of the day, to discussion boards for Car Talks Driver Distraction Driver Center. The distracted driver section offers anecdotal discussions with unintentionally humorous headings such as, Distracted Driving; A Confession, or Do Multi Tasking Abilities Change With Age? Lastly, there is an online store with Car Talk paraphernalia and wares.

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