What is Welding?

If your car experiences a great deal of damage like from a car accident, sometimes repairs might include welding. Welding is very challenging, but luckily an auto welding company is experienced in automotive welding and can help make your car look new. Keep reading to learn more about welding practices.

Welding isn’t a new practice, it has been around since the fourth century. In fact, modern welding techniques fueled the industrial revolution and are still crucial to many modern industries today.

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Welding is a very broad term. Within welding, there are thousands of specific material joining processes. Some of the different types of welding are gas metal arc welding, submerged arc welding, and resistance welding, however, there are many more.

Resistance welding is the most common material joining process used by an auto welding company during vehicle repairs. Resistance welding uses an electrical current to generate heat through the resistance of 2 overlapping metals, unlike many other processes.

Welding may sound simple to understand, but it is a process with a lot of complexities. Luckily for you, you don’t have to study the science of welding to get a basic understanding. Watch the video to learn more about the different processes of welding!


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