Why Backhoe Rentals Are Key For Renovations

The video starts with a man operating a backhoe rental. He uses the backhoe to get rid of stamps in the area where he plans to build the foundation for the cabin.
Once he’s done ripping out the stamps, he notices that the ground is not level.

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To correct this, he says that he will have to build some sort of box that will be filled with gravel. This will act as the foundation for the cabin, which will be delivered by a truck.
He notes that this was the first time he ever used a backhoe rental, which was a success. He said that renting the backhoe from Home Depot was a painless undertaking. Through trial and error, he was able to get the backhoe rental moving, the front up and down, and the back scooping up dirt. He says that he will be using an excavator for the project’s next phase.
He finishes by saying that he will walk around the property and pick out a bouquet of wildflowers for his wife, Tina.

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