Why Car Key Chips May Be the Key to Not Losing Your Car Keys

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Modern life is chock full of distractions. From likes, posts, tweets, and spill the deets or your latest adventure to your BFF, things can get pretty hectic. And when things get hectic, you’re more likely to become forgetful. In fact, a recent study revealed that the average person is likely to misplace up to nine items everyday. Furthermore, an impressive one-third of survey respondents said they spend an average of 15 minutes searching for said misplaced items everyday.

Talk about time wasted!

At the top of the survey’s list of misplaced items are paperwork, cell phones, and you guessed it: keys. So not only are you likely to lose your mind frantically searching for your stuff, you’re likely to also lose one of your most valuable — and practical — possessions. Trying to find lost keys, especially if you lost your car keys right before you have to be somewhere on time, can be a trying experience. Luckily, local locksmith services can get you back in your house or vehicle and back to feeling sane again in no time.

However, losing your house or car keys isn’t just annoying and frustrating. It can also become a matter of security. After losing their house keys in public place where others can easily find out their address, many people choose to change the locks on their doors as an extra measure of security.

Though losing a car key is no less stressful than losing a house key, car key chips ensure that the safety and security of your vehicle won’t become an issue. Car key chips use a transponder system to communicate with your car’s engine, making it difficult — if not nearly impossible — for thieves to duplicate or create a copy of a lost key.

While this kind of technology may seem pretty far out, it’s actually been around for quite sometime. For example, car key chips became nearly factory standard in all vehicles made after 1995. It’s because of car key chips that having an additional copy made is so expensive.

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