Why Your Machine Tools May Not Work And What You Can Do About It

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If your business invests and operates in a large piece of machinery or technology, you want to be sure it’s working correctly and safely at all times. Unfortunately, many people let the tools they use slide into disrepair, either from not being able to afford repairs, laziness, or because they think it doesn’t matter. Even though it might seem that maintaining tools is an expensive habit, it’s even more expensive to have to replace the tool or start going in for more detailed repairs before eventually replacing the tool. This is where machine tool services come in. Machine tool services can help you maintain your machine tool as well as conduct more serious repairs, as well as sometimes offering on-site training to teach employees or others who use the tools how to do so safely.
What Are Machine Tools?
Machine tools come in a variety of shapes and sizes, although their primary function is to shape (or machine) metal and other rigid elements, most often by removing a piece of the material. Some work at industrial machine parts, while others operate independently of a larger machine. They primarily thread, bore, turn, and face materials. Two of the earliest examples of machine tools are the bow lathe and bow drill; the lathe itself is believed to stem from Ancient Egypt. Current day machine tools include drill presses, standard mills, saws, and iron workers.
The Necessity of Maintaining Machine Tools
Lathe repair and genie lift repair, for example, can get quite pricy. In order to work efficiently and safely, machine tools are required to be hard and durable (kind of like sharpening a knife regularly), so making sure you maintain them regularly is important. If you keep your tools clean and dry, they’ll work better and for longer, saving you money and time in the long run. Additionally, for safety purposes, maintaining your machine tools is crucial. Work-related accidents are a bad rap for any business and a personal accident is equally as tragic.
How to Keep Tools Properly Maintained
As many machine tool services will tell you, the first thing to check is to make sure that your tools are dry and clean. Keep them in an area where the the temperature doesn’t heavily fluctuate and is relatively moisture free, especially if you live in a humid climate. Make sure the necessary parts are heavily and often lubricated, to prevent damage caused by parts rubbing together. If you hear a strange noise coming from your machine, stop it immediately, and find out what’s causing that noise. Most often, it’s a sign you want to take your tool in for repairs or maintenance.
How Do I Keep My Tools In Good Condition?
Make sure you’re storing any of your tools away from the elements and in a moderate temperature and dry space. This will keep them working longer. Don’t be afraid to regularly inspect them. Machine tools often need constant lubrication to keep parts that rub together oiled and working. If you have odd noises coming from your machine tool, that’s probably a good sign you should get your tool checked out and/or repaired. Keep your machine tools clean as well–a build up of grease or chemicals can prove detrimental to your tools.

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