Three Decades Chevy Car Dealerships Will Never Forget

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Starting in the year 1912, the Chevrolet brand has been producing cars and trucks which cater to drivers who value style, American-made products and durability. Since that time, new Chevy dealers have produced over 200 million vehicles. Here are some highlights of some important years throughout history for local Chevy car dealerships.

The 1910s

When the Chevy company was founded in 1911, there was a lot more competition for American-brand vehicles. Now, it is one of the few American car brands that lived to see the new millennium. The brand got off to a lilting start with a high-performing six cyllinder model. The Chevy brand introduced its famous bowtie logo in 1913 which was first seen on the Royal Mail Roadster. What sometimes is mistaken for a plus sign, a rendition of the classic bowtie emblem can still be seen on new models at at Chevy car dealerships around town. In 1915 a car priced at just over $400 became direct competition for Henry Ford’s Model T. This busy decade finished off with Chevrolet becoming part of General Motors and the Chevy brand creating its first truck.

The 1970s

Fast-forward about 50 years and Chevrolet is now a household name in America. Here are some highlights from the Chevy brand’s history during the 70s. In 1970, local Chevy dealers unleashed the renowned Chevelle SS 454–considered by some to be the greatest muscle car of all time. In the mid 70s, Chevrolet ran an ad which catered to the patriotism of its consumers, mentioning baseball, hot dogs and apple pie. In the end of the decade, the 100 millionth Chevy was built.

The 2010s

The current decade does not fall short of having exciting things in store for Chevy car dealerships. The year 2010 saw enough Chevy vehicles purchased to cover 51% of the Earth’s circumference if they were lined up bumper to bumper. The following year did not disappoint, as the brand sold over 4.76 million cars and trucks. The year 2011 was significant for multiple reasons. Not only did it represent Chevrolet’s 100th birthday, it witnessed the debut of Chevrolet’s extended range electric car–the Chevy Volt.

This timeline is certainly not comprehensive so if you have any significant decades you believe were especially formative for the Chevrolet brand, feel free to comment!

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