Your Basic Guide to an Air Bag Jack

In the video above, the reporter introduces the air bag jack, a game-changer neatly packed in a brown box. Its standout feature? Standing at a mere 4 inches tall, it’s a revolution compared to the towering height of a bottle jack, and its ability to slip under a Corvette due to its impressive 4000-pound capacity isn’t something to overlook.

The reporter delves into the jack’s inner workings, highlighting its three types of valves: the intake valves for air, a pop-off valve to prevent overinflation, and a dedicated lowering valve. Connecting it to an air source and activating the valve effortlessly raises the jack.

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But what truly impresses is the stability it offers once it’s hoisted up, providing a secure platform for various tasks. However, it’s worth noting that this jack operates in the extremes – it’s either up or completely down, with no stops in between.

Furthermore, the reporter goes into the tool’s adaptability shines through its ability to function on both the floor and runway. Its exceptional stability on different surfaces makes it a reliable companion for various projects, underlining its versatility in diverse working environments. This airbag jack isn’t just a compact tool; it’s a reliable, stable, and adaptable asset for any enthusiast or professional seeking efficiency and safety in their next purchase for work.

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