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Three Custom Parts and Accessories That Every Motorcyclist Needs

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Custom paint for motorcycles

Did you know that approximately 9 million motorcycles are registered in the United States? However, even though it is common to ride a motorcycle, motorcyclists are 35 times more likely to be involved in a fatal crash than passenger vehicle drivers. Since it can be dangerous to ride a motorcycle, it is important to obtain the safest motorcycle parts and accessories. By doing so, you will make your riding experience more harmless.

1. Helmets. One of the best things you can do while riding a motorcycle is wear a helmet. Although this may seem self-explanatory, only 19 U.S. states have helmet laws for motorcyclists. Motorcycle helmets are typically made of either fiberglass or plastic, and they are available in a va

The Benefits of Buying Aftermarket Audi Replacement Parts

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High performance audi

Did you know that Audi was founded in Germany in 1932? Since that time, Audi has become one of the “German Big 3″ luxury automakers, which is a group of vehicle manufacturers that sells more luxury cars worldwide than any other automaker. However, Audi automobiles do not last forever, so they occasionally need to be repaired. Fortunately, Audi aftermarket performance parts are available, and these high performance car parts will help you fix your automobile properly.

- Engines. One of the main reasons why Audi vehicles are luxurious is because of the engines they utilize. In fact, not only do many Audi vehicles come equipped with inline-five engines that have five cylinders for longer life

Car Repair Costs for Audi and Volkswagen

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Vw maintenance

Car repair costs can fluctuate anywhere from a few dollars to a few thousand. Unfortunately, car repair costs depend on the part that has broken. By taking your car to a car repair shop, a mechanic will take a look at your car and then give you car repair estimates that tell you how much the parts will cost. Some car repair costs are higher than others depending on the vehicle as well. The car repair costs will also depend on when the parts become available. Sometimes the parts need to be imported, especially in the case of foreign cars.

The Audi and the Volkswagen are foreign cars built with custom parts most of the time. Specialized maintenance and repair are usually required. Car repair services tend to be more

3 Completely Legitimate Reasons to Buy a New Car Instead of a Used Car

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Used car dealer website

An average person’s thought process when buying a car:

1. Buy new, buy used, or lease? I’m really glad that there are multiple options so I can pick whichever I like best.
2. Well, I Googled what to look for when buying a car, and I think I’m pretty prepared.
3. I think I’ll go look at some cars now.

It’s completely okay if you don’t know what to look for when buying a car; we’re just going to throw out some facts about new car sales that may or may not have you running out to your local car dealers because you suddenly know what you want to look at. No promises, though.

  • Lower Interest Rates Financing a new car in the US typically involves a lower interest rate than financing a us

4 Important Details You May Be Ignoring When Shopping for a Used Car

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Used nissan

So you’re finally looking into buying a car and you’re kind of really freaking out because you need to make some big decisions ASAP but you don’t know what to do. In retrospect, you probably should have replaced your old car after the emergency alarm system began experimenting with new sounds every time you slammed the door just a little too hard. There’s also the issue of the trunk latch not working and currently being taped shut with duct tape. Oh, and the air conditioning stopped working last week just in time for summer, but it’s kind of alright because two windows are permanently stuck open…

But the truth is, you’re strapped for cash right now and you’ve accepted that you probably always will be. Generally you’ve decided that eating actual food is more important than having an air conditioned car but t

Reinventing Travel The Tales of a Charter Bus

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Coach charter buses

Pop Quiz! Anybody know where the word “bus” comes from? Anybody?(Hint: If you’ve taken Latin in high school, you should definitely know the answer.)

For everybody who hasn’t Googled the answer yet– “bus” comes from the Latin word “omnibus,” meaning “for all.” You probably usually see buses used for schools and traveling companies, but buses are, quite literally, intended to be a method of transport for everyone. So why don’t more people use them? Here are five reasons to start:

1. Safety If you’re traveling on the road, government data shows that charter buses are the safest vehicles in which to travel. If you need some proof for this claim, simply consider that, for decades, schools have used buses to transport children every day. And safety measures on charter bus lines will o

Take a Load off and Choose Car Shipping

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Cheap car shipping

If you’ve got a vehicle to move, doesn’t have to be a load on your mind. Auto shipping is a cost effective, safe, and convenient option for your RV transport, motorcycling hauling, car moving, or boat transport needs. Of course, auto shipping is an expense, but hiring professional auto shipping is much less costly than other methods of vehicle transport.
One option for vehicle transport is to simply use the vehicle itself, but that is neither a cost efficient nor a convenient option. Most people who choose auto shipping do so because they bought a new car online. Having the car shipped then removes the need to put what might be many miles on the new car. This is true for motorcycles and recreational vehi

Google’s Self-Driving Cars Now Built Without Steering Wheels and Gas Pedals

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Used vehicles anchorage

Google may change the future of driving and automobiles forever. The leading internet company, previously developing self-driving cars with the option for a human driver to take over in the event of an emergency, is changing gears (no pun intended). Google’s latest automated vehicles do not even have a driver’s seat. In fact, there is no steering wheel, gas pedal, or brake. What is Google trying to accomplish, and how will it impact the future of transportation?

Google Releases Self-Driving Vehicles Without Brakes, Gas Pedals, Or Steering Wheels

“They won’t have a steering wheel, accelerator pedal, or brake pedal… because they don’t need them. Our software and sensors do all the work,” Google explains in an official blog post. “We’ll have two seats (with seatbelts)

The Top Three Simple Auto Repair and Maintenance Tips for Audi Owners

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Volkswagen brake pads

Car ownership can rank among the most demanding freedoms one can take on for some. This is especially true for owners of Audi vehicles, since it is such a unique brand. It doesn’t have to be complicated though; here are some auto maintenance tips for Audi owners to help keep your car on the road, out of the car repair shop, and to keep your wits away from their end:

1. Change and Top Off All the Fluids Regularly

Any vehicle only runs because of the fluids in it, whether it be gasoline, radiator fluid, oil, or transmission fluid. Some fluids are absolutely essential for the car to even turn on. Without gasoline, for example, your engine won’t be able to emulate even one horse’s power. Some fluids aren’t quite so obvious. You

The Skinny on Vehicle Transportation

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Ship car across country

It’s that time of year again: College graduates are moving out of their dorms, finding new jobs, and many families are moving during the summer months in order to get their kids into school by the start of fall. But what does all this mean? Transporting issues. Sure, you’ve got the moving van, but what about the car? Here are a few reasons why auto transport companies are your best bet for an easy relocation from point A to point B.

What is Vehicle Hauling?
Vehicle shipping is normally used when people are faced with the choice of driving their car, or taking a plane and hiring someone else (or, hello family relatives!) to move their car. Open carriers are one type of car shipping that is less expensive. However, they do leave the vehicle open to nature’s elements.