3 Simple Things to Do Before Buying a Used Car

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Buying a used car doesn’t have to be one big stress-inducing headache. In order to figure out exactly what you are getting into before walking into those used car dealerships, here are some things you must know when buying a used car.

1. Do your research!

There are many used cars out on the market, some of good quality and some you would not want to touch with a 10 foot pole. Most used car dealerships have online inventories you can look at so you can prevent hours of decision making while you are there. Also, if there is a specific brand you are interested in, try to find a dealership that deals specifically with that brand. Want a Chevy? Check the local Chevy dealerships in your area. What about a Subaru? There has to be some used Subaru dealers in your local area willing to help.

2. Do a vehicle inspection, both in person and on paper.

In person: Make sure you walk around the car with precise detail and make your concerns heard if you find something you do not like. Also take the car on a thorough test drive, up hills and possibly even on the highway.

On paper: Make sure you ask for the car’s Carfax history report that will tell you if it has been in any accidents, how many owners it has had, ect. You never want to buy a car without getting as much information out of it as your can. Also, if you are interested in a specific make and model, check online to see if there have been any recent manufacturing warranties or wide-spread concerns.

3. Get your finances in check

Before you even walk to the dealership, it is crucial you get the upper hand on your finances. If you are paying cash, make sure you have a trustworthy bank that can offer you cashier checks. If you are financing, sort out all your credit issues in the days and weeks beforehand. Most importantly, set a budget. You do not want to fall in love with a car and then realize you are unable to afford it.

With these simple three tricks in mind, buying a used car will be a snap! More. More like this.

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