Different Types of Car Wheelchair Lifts

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Car wheelchair lifts make life much easier for people with disabilities that confine them to a wheelchair. This video explains a few different options you can go with when deciding what type of wheelchair ramp to get.

Rear Entry Ramp

All you need to know about rear entry ramps is in the name. They are installed in the trunk of the car, and uses a counterbalance system to make it easier to lift. They offer room for large wheelchairs and are a good option if your parking space doesn’t afford you room on the side.

Side Entry Bi-Folding Ramp

The side entry ramp is fitted to one of the sides of the van, and folds in half twice to make it easily stored when driving. It’s all manual, meaning no latches or pulleys. However, it’s very light and easy to move. It’s also the most affordable choice.

Side Entry Power Ramp

The side entry power ramp offers all of the features and benefits of a manual side entry ramp, but with the added perk of folding and unfolding at the touch of a button. It is more expensive, but a great luxury to have.

Side Entry In-Floor Ramp

Side entry in-floor ramps slide underneath the van door, instead of folding into the door. A lever is used to pull the ramp out, so you don’t need to bend down to deploy it.

For more information on wheelchair ramp options, click on the link to the video above.

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