DIY Used Car Inspection What to Look for Before Buying

In this YouTube video, Scotty Kilmer shows what should be checked before buying a used car from a used car dealer.

Plugging in an OBD2 scanner into the computer port will show recent codes the vehicle may have thrown. If the computer has been reset recently, the drive cycle indicators on the scanner will show issues.

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Parking on a flat surface will show if any fluids are leaking underneath. Under the car, the CV joints should not show signs of tear. The undercarriage of the transmission and engine compartments should be dry. Pulling on the tires will show wobble in the suspension.

Inspect the seams where the hood meets the top, and the trunk is flush with the car and all door seams. They should all be evenly spaced, and each side should match the other. If not, there may have been an accident.

Dings on the outside will show in the reflections in the paint. Tire tread should be uniformly worn without gouges.

Test drives should be at least ten minutes in the city and ten miles on the freeway. Listen for clicks, hums, clangs, buzzing noises, and anything else that sounds off. The car should drive straight without shaking.

A certified mechanic should do a final inspection.

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