DIY Motorcycle Build

In this video, you will learn about motorcycle shops. The video goes through the process of going to Home Depot and building a motorcycle out of it. They claim that Home Depot has everything they need to build one.

Video Source

The budget is $1200. They are looking to find a motor. They went up to a garage sale to buy a used bike for its chain. You need to first learn about the makeup of a motorcycle. Not only is it enough to know which parts you need, but it is important to know how to assemble it. They found a small electric lawnmower. They are considering using the motor and the wheels for the motorcycle. They said the main key is to buy items that have parts that can be used. They found tires, a motor, chain links, wood, glue, pencils, and other things. They spent just under $1000. The first thing they are going to do is break apart the lawnmower to see which parts they still need to buy. Their budget is only allowing for $200 more. It took them about 12 hours, but it might not run well. They might have to run to home depot one more time.

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