What Kind of Maintenance Can Prevent Auto Repairs?

The video talks about some tips and tricks for people doing automotive repairs. It also discusses some of the maintenance repairs people should do to prevent auto repairs from being necessary in the first place.

Oil changes are one of the top maintenance tasks for a vehicle owner to perform to avoid unnecessary repairs. Keeping the oil fresh keeps the intricate parts of the engine from wearing and experiencing friction. Oil changes should be done once every 3,000 miles in most cases.

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The manufacturer usually provides a suggested interval in the manual.

Filter replacements should also be checked and done on an as-needed basis. The air and fuel filters are two examples of jobs that can prevent future damage.

Tire checks, wheel balances, and wheel alignments are some additional maintenance tasks a vehicle owner should conduct to ensure that his or her car always runs smoothly. The individual should do these as recommended by the manufacturer.

The video mechanic gives some amazing tips and tricks. One of them is to use magnetic tools to remove and install nuts, bolts, spark plugs, and the like. A DIY mechanic can be innovative and use paper towels, rubber pieces, and other objects to ensure that the tool grips the piece appropriately.

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