How to Install Trailer Axles

If you are looking to tow a trailer, you will need to know how to install or replace trailer axles. You might want to tow across the country with a trailer or just gain more capacity on an old trailer. Here are some steps to follow to install your new axle.

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First, lift you your trailer and axle on a jack stand to take the weight off the wheels. Take off the tires and disconnect the brake line, using a wrench to avoid stripping the brake line. Unbolt your leaf spring, and then take out the existing axle. You will probably need a partner for this step, as axles are quite heavy. Then, with assistance, you can slide the replacement axle right into the old spot. Lift the leaf spring back into place a secure it with a ratchet. This should align with the bolt in the center of the spring.

After securing the axle with the hardware provided, you should be good to go. Then you can put the tires back on and reconnect the brake line. Check to make sure the brake line is working and secure by testing the brake lights before taking off on your next trip.


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