How Wood Garage Doors are Made For Your South Florida Home

Watch this video to learn about the process of making a wood garage door for your home in South Florida.
The first thing is to decide what kind of garage door you want. A panel door structure is the most popular approach.

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It has panels that float inside a solid frame or are designed to give the appearance that they do.
The manufacturing process begins with a central part made of wood, which is subsequently covered with fiberboard. Wood fibers and fabricated resins are what make up the fiberboard’s composition.
The door’s entire center gets a high-density skin filling, giving it a natural look and weatherproof.
The last step is to add the finishing touches. Several innovative and custom-made options are available for wood garage doors, but you are free to choose what kind of finish you would like. Painting gives the wood garage door a glossy appearance.
Your wooden garage door will need an inspection yearly, at the very least. It will help if you search for indications of decay that manifest as imperfections on the surface. Look for the holes left behind by termites and other insects that eat wood, such as beetles.

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