Three Subaru Car Safety Features That Are Sure to Get Your Engines Running

Subaru dealership

Subaru cars are one of the most popular foreign imports in the United States today. Subaru dealerships across the country can’t seem to sell their cars fast enough. Ever since Subaru of America was established in 1968, Americans have jumped on the opportunity in buying or leasing Subaru Legacies, Imprezas, and Outbacks among many other models. One reason why Subarus are in such high demand is because of its impeccable car safety features. What exactly do they entail? To better illustrate how stellar Subaru’s car safety features are, here are three prominent ones that make driving a Subaru all the more ensuring.

  1. Vehicle Dynamics Control: Vehicle Dynamics Control (VDC) is a stability control system that automatically computes steering and braking data in order to stabilize the car. The system adjusts torque, engine output, and other factors if a car veers off an intended path.
  2. All Wheel Drive: All Subarus are designed with All Wheel Drive (AWD). AWD provides robust weight balance and even load distribution over each wheel, making for a smooth, comfortable ride. In addition, the transmission system is placed near the car’s center of gravity, providing critical balance other cars genuinely lack.
  3. Rearview Camera and Sensors: Especially in the newer models, Subaru cars include a rearview camera in order to help with backing out. In addition, the cars feature state-of-the-art sensors that deploy side airbags if it senses an imminent rollover. Other sensors also help the front seat airbag deploy so as to keep the driver in place during a frontal crash.

There are many other car safety features that put Subaru on top. And outside of safety features, Subaru cars in general offer superior service and support. Subaru is consistently regarded as one of the best economic cars in the market today.

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