Increases in Snowfall and the Number of Elderly People Demand Safe, Quick Snow Removal

Clearance under obstacles

Snow. You either love it or hate it, but depending on where you live, it is often impossible to avoid. In some places it is harder to avoid than others. Three cities, Salt Lake City, Utah, Anchorage, Alaska, and Denver, Colorado, have accumulated eight feet or more snow in their record setting years.

While not all parts of the country see these extremes, many parts of the U.S. are seeing snowfalls for the first time in their otherwise warmer climate areas. In 2014, several winter days in Shreveport, Louisiana, were colder than Anchorage, Alaska.

In 2014 $2.3 billion insured losses were incurred because of winter storms. Combine this extreme weather with the aging of our population and you begin to see the importance of quick and quality snow removal. Population studies predict that the number of workers, customers, and visitors 60 years and older will double in the next 20 years. An aging population and increased and often unpredictable snowfall can make it especially important that snow removal be quick and careful to avoid causing unnecessary injuries.

The snow removal business, including purchases of snow pushers for loaders, could be a lucrative possibility for more and more small businesses. If you are a small business landscape or tree removal owner, or if you are a company that makes most of its money installing and then taking down holiday lights, you might extend your business plan to begin purchasing snow pushers for loaders and other heavy duty snow plows. Depending on your location you might also want to invest in a small bobcat snow pusher of sidewalks and specialized equipment that removes hard pack snow from parking lots. A majority of weather stations report air temperature measured at 30 feet above the ground. This temperature, however, can differ from the temperature of pavement, sidewalks and parking lots. These temperature differences can mean that even when the weather service is predicting a temperature that does not seem that cold, the ground temperature, especially on cloudy days, can be even lower, causing dangers surfaces for pedestrians and drivers.

When your company is between landscaping, tree removal and holiday lighting business, you might as well be prepared for the quick and immediate needs when a planned for or unexpected snowfall occurs. Since studies show that billions of dollars are lost every year because of the slips, trips, and falls caused by snow and ice, many single home owners, apartment managers and business owners with medium to large size parking lots are often scrambling to fins someone who has access to snow pushers for loaders and other equipment to keep their businesses and residents cleared and safe.

While we are not Canada, where they spend a billion dollars a year for snow removal, we are a country that is sometimes surprised by the amount and location of devastating snow fall.

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