Why to Choose a Subaru or Chevrolet

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A new car is a big investment and one you want to think carefully about before choosing your next vehicle. It will last you for the next ten to fifteen years, depending on how well you take care of it and the quality of its manufacturing. If you’re looking for a dependable vehicle with proven longevity, you should consider either looking at Subaru dealers or new Chevy dealers. You may pay a little more, but reviews prove that the investment you make now is worth it in the long run.
About Subaru and Chevrolet
Subaru comes from Japan, out of the automobile manufacturing section of Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI), a transportation conglomerate. In 2011, FHI was ranked the 26th largest automaker (based on production) internationally. The name Subaru comes from the Japanese name for the Pleiades star cluster; this cluster was the inspiration for the Subaru logo and is on each of their vehicles. The first Subaru was called the Subaru 1500. FHI, in turn, has a long history. Beginning in 1915, it started as the Aircraft Research Laboratory. In 1968, an American division of Subaru was established in Philadelphia. Since then, it’s spread across America.
Chevrolet, in turn, is an American brand, based out of General Motors, an American company. Since 1912, Chevrolet has turned out over 200 million cars and trucks sold by new Chevy dealers and old alike. In 1913, the now famous bowtie emblem was first used, something that has become an American staple. It’s gained multiple references in pop culture–having been mentioned in over 1,000 songs–and Chevrolets are being driven in 2/3 of the world.
Why Pick a Subaru or Chevrolet?
Subaru car dealers can vouch for its popularity and present a wide variety of options from the Subaru inventory. They’re known as a “family car” with spacious trunks, practical layouts, and seats built for comfort. The newer Subaru models have upgraded to include Bluetooth, satellite, HD radio, GPS navigation, and USB ports for iPhones or iPods. It’s typical to have Subarus safely on the road at 100,000 miles or more. (Finding a used Subaru for sale, then, can be a good deal!) They’re a great first car option: dependable, long-lasting, and with incredible safety ratings.
The Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) gave Subaru more 2014 Top Safety Picks than any other car model on the road. Additionally, from 2010-2014, Subaru is the single manufacturer that has won Top Safety Picks for all their models. For environmentally conscious customers, Subaru has worked hard to reduce their footprint. They have a 97.3% recycling ratio rate for vehicles that are scrapped, thanks to their use of highly recyclable materials all over the car. Since 2004, they’ve built their vehicles in “zero-landfill plants,” which turn waste into electricity or recycles their waste. The Lafayette, Indiana plant was the first assembly plant to claim the accomplishment of zero landfill status. Subaru has also worked to produce vehicles that send out fewer emissions into the environment.
As new Chevy dealers will tell you, Chevrolet boasts powerful engines, good gas mileage, and a long history behind it. In 2014, the Corvette and Cruze engines won in the top 10 best engines for their efficiency. Chevrolet also takes safety seriously: in 2014, eight of their models got the best possible Overall Vehicle Score for Safety, awarded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
In essence, choosing either a Chevrolet or a Subaru for your next car is an excellent decision that will pay off in safety, reliability, and longevity.

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