Tips for Repairing a Tire

Driving into sharp objects results in a flat tire, necessitating the need for a tire repair service. Eric the car guy explains the use of plug patches as one method of repairing a tire in a brief YouTube video titled, “How to properly Repair a tire.” When plugging the tire, the plug cannot be placed on the side, but in the center.

Video Source

Patch plugging requires disassembling the tire from the wheel before starting the tire repair process. Eric suggests marking the valve location on the tire before removing it to ensure it is repaired.

The video shows how to remove the foreign object from the tire and then patch the hole with rubber cement. Determine whether the hole is straight or angled before inserting the plug. Eric adds that the inside of the tire must be smooth where the hole appears to facilitate plugging. Smooth and vacuum the area where the plug will go. To install the plug, carefully remove the cover, then insert it inside and pull it away from the outer part. Trim the overhang with a razor blade. Before using this method of tire repair, check with your tire manufacturer.

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