What an Automatic Truck Wash Service Is Like

Have you ever wondered why most commercial trucks are exceptionally clean? When such a large vehicle is driven so regularly, any improvement to gas mileage is important. A clean truck is more aerodynamic, and this small change can improve fuel economy.

But just how do large trucks get washed? Most truck stops offer a truck wash service. These services include bays that look similar to automatic car wash bays.

Video Source

These services employ technicians who wash out the inside of empty truck trailers.

The video on this page shows a full truck wash experience. The technician starts by asking the driver what services he needs, then he moves straight into pressure washing the inside of the trailer. After that, they close up the back of the trailer and begin the full exterior wash service.

A technician sprays down the outside of the truck cab with a presoak solution. He also sprays hard-to-reach places around the tires. Once the truck has been fully sprayed down with multiple cleaning solutions, a track moves it slowly under a few large roller brushes and spray nozzles that remove debris.

In the end, the truck looks pristine and should get better fuel economy as the driver continues his route.

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